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 66Domain Names / DNS Can I access my website before the DNS has propagated? 1101
 65Web Awareness What is Identity Theft 2063
 64Web Stats How do I access SmarterStats? 1941
 63Web Stats How do I reset my SmarterStats password? 1572
 62Server Side Includes - SSI Server Side Includes (SSI) Info 1835

  Categories and Most Popular Articles  
Billing Support
 #1: Why is my credit card being declined? (1,947 views)
 #2: How do I update my billing information? (1,576 views)
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Control Panel
 #4: I've lost my username/password! (1,994 views)
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Database Support
 #9: How to creating an DNS Connection to Access in ASP (4,667 views)
 #6: How do I make a DSN-less connection to MS SQL DB with ASP? (2,023 views)
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Domain Names / DNS
 #17: When will my domain name be working on your servers? (1,650 views)
 #15: Will Langnetic transfer my domain name for me? (1,629 views)
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Email Support
 #32: Setting up email accounts., Setup email accounts in HELM and Outlook steps (2,300 views)
 #31: How do I setup my email account? (1,566 views)
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FTP Settings
 #33: How to upload your website with FTP, Sample using WSFTP. (2,213 views)
 #38: I can't connect via FTP. (1,567 views)
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Getting Started
 #41: Where do I upload my files? (1,851 views)
 #42: Getting started with Langnetic (1,486 views)
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Microsoft FrontPage
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 #45: Does Langnetic oversell? (1,956 views)
 #48: Does my website have a control panel? (1,880 views)
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Scripting Support
 #52: The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers (4,599 views)
 #56: I'm getting an 'Internal Server Error' with my ASP page? (1,787 views)
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Secure Server Setup
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 #58: Can I change/removed the "Protected By Helm - The Hosting Control Panel" message that is displayed on the username and password dialog box that is displayed when trying to access a secure directory/file? (2,065 views)
 #60: Do you support password protected directories? (1,875 views)
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Server Side Includes - SSI
 #62: Server Side Includes (SSI) Info (1,835 views)
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Web Awareness
 #65: What is Identity Theft (2,063 views)
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Web Stats
 #64: How do I access SmarterStats? (1,941 views)
 #63: How do I reset my SmarterStats password? (1,572 views)
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